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Sump Pumps

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Sump Pumps Repairs & Installations

Homeowners with basements and crawlspaces share the same concern – flooding. A reliable sump pump will keep your basement “pool-free”! A sump pump is usually installed in the basement, where flooding is most common, and removes accumulated water from a sump pit. It also decreases dampness by lowering the water table under your home’s foundation. Investing in a reliable sump pump can save you thousands of dollars in damage when flooding occurs and provide a more comfortable surroundings.

With years of local plumbing experience, and a passion for helping their customers, Bono Plumbing, LLC. can help you choose the right system to help keep your basement or crawlspace dry – and keep your peace of mind intact. Since sump pumps aren’t an everyday purchase, most people are unaware of the right features and benefits to look for in a sump pump system and who the best people are to install it.

What you need to know

  • Your Needs – You’ll need to choose the best sump pump for your needs. One of your most important decisions will be whether to invest in a Battery Backup Sump Pump. Heavy rain is often accompanied by power outages, and the standard sump pump doesn’t operate without electricity.
    A Battery Backup Sump Pump will continue to protect your home and belongings even when you lose power. It also is a fail-safe in case the primary pump fails.
  • Warranty – Also, consider the equipment warranty. You’ll get a better warranty when a professional plumber installs and maintains your system.
  • “Do-it-yourselfer”? – Well, this is one of those times that you should rely on an experienced, licensed plumber and not a how-to manual. You can buy the best sump pump available, but it won’t do any good if it is not installed properly. So, don’t take any chances.

By calling Bono Plumbing, LLC, you’re better informed and can be comfortable knowing that you have the best sump pump system for your home. That’s our goal – to help you protect your home and valuables and save you the headache of a messy cleanup and potentially costly, time consuming remodel.

At Bono Plumbing, LLC., we’re passionate about helping you protect your home and what you own, and saving you the headache of a messy cleanup and potentially costly, time consuming remodel. We will always offer what we believe are the most reliable sump pump products on the market today. With our 20 years of plumbing experience we can inform and educate our customers about sump pumps so you can make the best choice for your individual situation. We strive for customer satisfaction. We promise a quick and easy process; from your phone call, to appointment scheduling, to the installation, to follow up and care afterwards.

We’ve seen the damage and chaos caused by a flooded basement – it can be truly heartbreaking. No one should have to go through that.

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